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We are committed to your health, safety, and well-being. 
We have immediate openings for virtual session via video or phone and would be honoured to support you during this time of uncertainty. 
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Jennifer De La Roca


Jennifer's warm, caring, and approachable manner makes her easy to talk with and deal with sensitive issues and vulnerabilities. She offers a non-judgemental atmosphere, recognizing that we are all at different places on life's journey. Her positive energy, evidence-based strategies, and grounded optimism empowers clients to achieve their goals. She has extensive training in a number of therapy styles so that she can make the experience a good fit for you.


Couples Therapy

Sustaining long-term relationships takes effort, dedication, & hard work. Whether it's life's stresses, arguing, infidelity, communication skills, loss of relationship, or any other issue, it can take a toll. Let's work through your relationship issues, get your relationship back into shape, and reconnect with your partner. You deserve to have a satisfying & fulfilling relationship. Your health, happiness, and overall well-being is our top priority.

Let us help you strengthen your relationship and resolve issues so you can feel the love and fulfilment you deserve.

Individual Therapy

 Empower yourself with skills, strategies, and understanding to effectively deal with: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma (i.e. sexual, emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental abuse/assault, accidents, and other traumatic events), Stress, Grief & Loss, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Anger,  Addictions,

and other areas.

Let us help you heal, alleviate symptoms, and grow from these experiences.

Family Therapy

Families can be a source of joy and stress. Family dynamics, differing personalities, and conflicting interests make it challenging to meet everyone's needs and live in peace. The people closest to us have the greatest impact on our lives.

Let us help you get along better with those closest to you and resolve family issues.

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