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Jennifer De La Roca, MSW, RSW

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I didn’t know how to deal with my childhood trauma. I needed to understand what happened, that I wasn’t to blame, and I wanted to love myself again. So I completed a Bachelors in Psychology where I learned to empower myself, set healthy boundaries, and become aware of my “trauma brain” which programmed me for self-sabotage and suffering.


In trying to protect myself and prevent from being hurt again, I believed it was easier to push people away and sabotage relationships to prevent my “expected” suffering. Do you resonate with some of this?


After several years of therapy and completing a Masters in Social Work I have learnt that life is full of happiness and it can be SAFE to allow myself to be happy. I have also learnt to accept myself, to vanquish self-sabotage, and allow my relationships to grow.


With over 20 years of counselling and personal healing experience, I know this is possible. I can lead you through the process and help you through your trauma, anxiety, and depression.


I strongly believe no one needs to suffer unnecessarily. Sometimes, even after the traumatic event is over, we continue to torture ourselves needlessly with intrusive thoughts, worst case scenarios, and not trusting people around us. I am here to help you through all of that and more.


You are supported every step of the way. You don’t have to do this alone. Trauma is isolating. We feel no one understands what we have gone through, but I get it and you are not alone. You have been extremely courageous.


I am asking you to continue to be courageous and do the trauma work so you can truly live a happy, loving life without the suffering from your past trauma. When we temporarily escape and avoid dealing with the trauma, it keeps us in a state of non-recovery, meaning we continue to suffer for years or a lifetime after the trauma has ended.


By doing the work you are:

  • freeing yourself from the trauma and trauma symptoms to live your life the way you want to

  • Reducing or eliminating trauma brain so your thoughts aren’t hurting you or creating suffering

  • disempowering the perpetrator

  • embracing the power you have had all along

  • have loving and fulfilling relationships

  • And allowing yourself to be happy.


I would love to talk with you. Call me or schedule a 15 minute consultation so we can discuss how I can help you along your journey of recovery.

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Karen McLennan, MSW, RSW

I have worked in the field of Social Work for over three decades, and to this day I remain both honoured and humbled to bear witness to people's journeys toward optimum wellness. From the time I was a little girl, I have believed strongly in the power of talk therapy, as it always seemed to me that by finding a safe and supportive way in which we might give voice to our inner world we may then be in a better position to manage our outer world. I feel truly grateful to have followed my heart and passion into this field, and my commitment to providing that "safe space" in which people might be able to work towards improved well-being remains unwavering. 


Over the course of my career, I have worked extensively with individuals, couples, and families experiencing a variety of challenges, and I have had countless trainings in the areas of grief and loss, trauma recovery, attachment dynamics, relationships, parenting, adoption, and mental health.  I believe that genuine empathy and active engagement form the pillars of therapeutic connections, and it is through these lenses that I partner with individuals to assist in guiding them through life's various stressors, losses, and traumas, always with the goal of fostering healing and resilience.  I have also had the great privilege of working as an Adoption Practitioner since 1997, and I continue to work with birth and adoptive families alike in navigating such areas as healthy identity formation, community-building, and "therapeutic parenting". I see us each as existing within all of the various systems that make up our lives, and as such my therapeutic approach is consistently via a holistic lens.


As Social Work evolves, I remain firmly dedicated to ongoing innovation and learning to help to ensure that I might meet my various clients' dynamic needs, as I believe that continued Professional Development is critical to therapeutic integrity. That being said, I have had the same three quotes hanging in my office for over 20 years, and they are as powerful and true to me today as ever. These are: "Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes", "Protect Your Peace", and "That is Not My Energy to Hold". 


As we each navigate our way through this journey of life, I firmly believe that it is important that we recognize that we do not have to struggle alone, and that by finding a safe place in which to give voice to our inner world we might perhaps ultimately positively influence our outer world.


It would be my honour to speak with you and I invite you to a free 15 minute consultation.

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Maria Suarez, Psychology Associate

As a child I had many significant losses in my life. This created a negative impact in my self-esteem, psychosocial well-being, sleep, stress levels, sadness, mental health challenges.


For many years I felt lost and the years of therapy that I attended helped me to get to know me, to improve self love, acceptance and empowered my confidence. 


My school referred me to a psychologist when I was 9 years old, and this helped me through my grief and provided me with different strategies to copy with my anxiety.


This early experience of trauma during my young life, I understood the meaning of living with depression and supporting loved ones that suffer mental health challenges.


This life experience woke up my passion for psychology, discovering the importance of connecting, support and compassion.


I finished my Master’s in Psychology, allowing me to walk side by side with people who have been through a traumatic/stressful experience, dealing with PTSD, depression, addictions and complex mental health, creating a safe and nonjudgmental environment for over 20 years, offering therapy in both English and Spanish.


I believe that everyone has the possibility to growth and heal. Please allow me to guide you to embark on a transformative journey toward empowerment and self-discovery. I invite you to a free 15 minute consultation.

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