Jennifer De La Roca, MSW, RSW

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Jennifer De La Roca is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers, practicing in Barrie for over 17 years.


Jennifer has extensive training in a number of therapy styles so that she can make the experience a good fit for you. She specializes in the treatment of: depression, anxiety, couples therapy, trauma (i.e. sexual, emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental abuse/assault, accidents, and other traumatic events), stress, grief, self-esteem, relationships, anger,  addictions, and other areas. 



Jennifer earned her Masters in Social Work from the University of Windsor, and a Specialized Honours degree in Psychology from York University. Further, she has been trained in NLP techniques (neuro-linguistic programming). 



Believing in the intrinsic worth of all people, Jennifer operates in an atmosphere free from judgement, recognizing that we are all at different places on life's journey. She operates from a client-focused, strengths-based, ecological perspective, predominantly within cognitive-behavioural, solution-focused, positive psychology approaches. 


Client-centred practice prioritizes the client, working to improve the life of client through emotional, cognitive, behaviour, status, or environmental changes. 

The strength-based perspective recognizes that people are resilient, striving for a healthier, more positive development; while the ecological perspective takes into account contributing factors towards current issues and symptoms from multiple levels such as individual, family, social, and macro basis. These perspectives enable the needs and unique makeup of the client to guide the healing/resolution process. 


Karen McLennan, MSW, RSW

Karen is a Registered Social Worker and a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers. She has worked as a Social Worker for over 30 years, and she has extensive counselling experience particularly in the areas of grief and loss, trauma, attachment, family and relationship issues, parenting, adoption, and mental health.


Shannon Edwards, MSW, RSW

Shannon Edwards is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers.

She received her Honours Bachelors of Social Work from Lakehead University and Masters in Social Work from Lakehead University.

Shannon’s work with clients is grounded in her belief in the strength and resilience of all human beings.  Therapy is a collaborative process in which the therapist acts as a guide in the client’s journey to place of greater peace, empowerment, and self-fulfillment.

Shannon offers individual therapy to adults, children and youth experiencing a wide range of difficulties including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, stress, panic, trauma, grief, and addictions.


She offers relationship counselling helping couples heal wounds, resolve conflict and strengthen their relationship. Parenting and family therapy are also available to help families navigate the challenges of family life and foster a healthy and positive home life.

Shannon believes in an eclectic and client-centered approach to counselling, and offers a judgement free atmosphere. Shannon facilitates support groups and mindfulness series. 

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Shelley Sayle-Udall, RP

Shelley is a Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO with over twenty-six years experience supporting children, adolescents and their families through community-based social service programs.  She has spent the latter seventeen years working in children’s mental health. 


Shelley is trained in a variety of models, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Trauma Focused CBT, Solution Focused, Narrative, Eco-systemic and Structural Family Therapy. Through collaborative and strengths-based approaches she works with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, distress, challenges in parenting, disruptive child behaviours, compromised family functioning and relationships, as well as trauma impact and other daily life challenges.


Shelley’s passion is helping people feel better, live happier and healthier lives as viewed through a holistic, integrative and functional lens. She enjoys supporting individuals in developing their strengths to move through distress and combat challenges. Everyone is different and unique, and so is their life story. How we understand our situation, according to our own values and beliefs is what make us unique and diverse. There is no one single approach, or cookie cutter model, that helps everyone learn and grow through their experiences. 


The heart of therapy lies in the personal interaction and trust between a client and their therapist, working to improve wellbeing. It is what makes therapy effective. It’s important you like the person you choose to be your therapist. You should feel heard, understood, respected and valued for being you.